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Assemblyman Brown discusses Suffolk County leading the nation in heroin overdoses

Sadly, Suffolk County has the distinction of leading the nation in heroin overdoses. Drug treatment facilities continue to face staff shortages, and many social workers responsible for helping patients recover from drug addiction, are vastly underpaid for what they do. I will not rest until money spent on drug addiction goes to the frontline workers fighting...


Lawlessness in New York

Crime in New York is out of control. Crime in New York City is out of control. As your Assemblyman, I look to protect the rights of law abiding citizens and the police who protect and serve us. Only together can we put a stop to the lawlessness in New York City and in our state.


In Response to NYC Law

This week the court struck down a NYC law allowing non-citizens to vote! Check out what Assemblyman Keith Brown has to say about the recent decision. “This is a great step in preserving our sacred republic” said Assemblyman Keith Brown. Assemblyman Keith Brown is always fighting for you!


Save Our State

I am very proud of our accomplishments since taking office, but our fight for a better and more prosperous New York continues. Albany bureaucrats choose to ignore the problems that were created as a result of their careless policies. We need to repeal bail reform, confront the rising inflation and make sure young people have the...