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Economic Prosperity and Opportunity

1.4 million people have fled New York since 2010 resulting in the loss of a Congressional seat. For years, we have seen Democrat after Democrat promise New Yorkers change and hope, only to fail to deliver those promises. With inflation at a 40-year high and gas and grocery prices continuing to rise, electing fiscal conservative candidates is now more critical than ever. Young Long Islanders, shouldn’t flee to other states, owning a home should not cost you your life savings, and Albany should be welcoming businesses, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Since taking office two years ago, the NYS Budget went from $176B to $212B, second only to CA. We should cut unnecessary, wasteful spending, help drive inflation down and demand more fiscal conservatism in Albany.



Restore Law and Order

All New Yorkers deserve to live in healthy and safe communities. We can all agree on that concept regardless of party lines. But keeping our communities safe has become difficult, especially when Democrats support laws that catch criminals and put them back on our streets the same day. We need to not only restore law and order, but restore common-sense laws. We must fully repeal Bail Reform, restore judicial discretion and eliminate crime from our streets and public transportation. Taking the train should feel like a regular commute to work — not another episode of Survival.

The Environment and Our Future

During my first term, I supported various bills that helped protect our coastal waterways, eliminated contaminants and pollutants from our drinking water and brought attention to Long Island’s waste crisis. I am committed to continuing the fight for a cleaner and more prosperous environment, while opposing the Progressive, radical climate agenda that hurts hard-working New Yorkers during high inflation.


Keep the Drugs Off Our Streets

For far too long, the Opioid epidemic has been ignored by career politicians. As families continue to be devastated by addiction and substance abuse, we need to do more. We must find solutions and implement initiatives to turn the tide on drug abuse. While in the Assembly, I have strongly advocated that the Opioid Settlement Fund be distributed as quickly as possible and given Suffolk County recommendations on where these funds should be allocated. In addition, I authored a law and started a pilot mentorship program in our high schools for children dealing with mental and substance abuse.

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